Manuel Oblitas at Capri Island

This is my personal blog. It is focused on family, faith (Jesus rocks!), business, photography, science and technology. I am originally from Peru and live in San Antonio, Texas with my family and kiddos.

About my work: I am the co-founder of the following companies:

  • Visual Net Design (VND), a software development firm established in 2002 in the San Antonio, Texas Area. My team helps businesses create from custom websites to complex mobile, server applications and hardware support. You can visit our company website at www.vndx.com
  • VNDhost.com, a dedicated and shared server hosting business (under VND).
  • Livecomm.com, a mass texting startup.

For fun, I like:

  • Hang with my family
  • Coding software for web and mobile
  • Play drums
  • Photography. An amateur at it but it has grown on me over the years (You can identify with me if you have kiddos). You can view photos I posted on my public Facebook albums as well as on this website.
  • Love to take short road trips 🙂 (And take pics while at it)
  • Volunteer at my church.
  • I lead the Tuscany Heights Elementary watchDOGS program in San Antonio, TX. We get to encourage dads to volunteer and spend a minimum of 1 full day with their kids at school for every school year.
  • Kayaking in Austin’s LBJ lake! (The Rowing Dock is my fave spot)
  • Cooking. I actually love it. Check my recipes here.

My favorite books:

  • The Bible
  • The 4 hour Workweek by Timothy Ferris
  • The Lean Startup by Eric Ries
  • The Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes
  • Scaling Excellence by Dr. Huggy Rao and Dr Sutton

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A little more history about me:

I was born and raised in Lima, Peru, South America. Both my older brother Javier and I were exposed to the business world in early stages of our life, as our dad was involved in the mass production of clothing in Lima.

I co-founded Visual Net Design (VND) back in 2002 in San Antonio, Texas as a two-man show (my brother Javier is the co-founder), specializing in building desktop applications. Our experience dates back to Assembly Language programming on the Commodore 64 back in the late 80s. Prior to starting VND (1998), we ported DOS based software to Windows 98 compatible, building a large distributed application for the apartment locating industry. We launched VND as a web development firm in 2002, providing web design and development, desktop software development, web marketing, SEO, server hosting and IT Services. Since then, VND has worked on projects ranging from University web sites to Internet of Things (IOT) projects with embedded devices for startups. Currently we serve clients such as Keller Williams, Texas State University, Vantage Bank, Friedrich Air Conditioning and Discovery Networks.